O-S-V, Second Hand Shop, Peder Hvitfeldts Stræde 4

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This second hand fashion shop has a lot of really nice clothes.

If you are lucky you can find really good deals on clothes from the present season to very reasonable prices. O-S-V. has cool beautiful open rooms, that presents the second hand clothes thats is being sold by commission very well.  The locations is downtown Copenhagen, but it can be kinda difficult to see the facade from the bigger streets. Just keep in mind that the facade is yellow and there’s a little sign saying O.S.V. out front:) Enjoy..

Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs: 11-18,  Fri: 11-19, Sat: 11-16

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  1. Sandamali says:

    Good pointer, Pissed. I know it’s aonnying but I still can’t help thinking (hoping) that the Conservatives are just going along to get along, so to speak. But it would be nice, now that Prentice is bowing out, to get someone in the portfolio who’s willing and able to resist the green lobby rather than pander to it.

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